Early Season Showdown Brings Ray of Light

NEW YORK – The Yorkville Rays took the old addage to heart that you do not get a second chance to make a first impression as they won impressively this past Sunday against a pesky Twins squad.

The 9-8 final score is misleading as the Rays jumped out to an early 7-0 lead and cruised to their first victory. Piero P. recorded his first win of the young season, keeping twins batters off-balance all afternoon. Meanwhile, his twin brother was steady behind the plate, calling a fantastic game, mixing up Piero’s four plus pitches with perfection. On the performance of his early round pick, Sword gushed, “the kid had it all today. Plus fastball. Plus slightly slower fastball. Plus kunckleball that in reality is just a really slow fastball.”

The media was a bit perplexed by the pitcher’s warmup routine. One media member openly questioned whether Piero was properly warm before entering the game. Peiro responded, “that’s my decision. The coaches leave that up to me. My small frame can only handle a finite number of pitches. I’m a mere 11 years old. I can barely pick up the ball.”

While the coaches were pleased with the results on the field, this group showed some fire. After squeezing one of the Rays’ relief pitchers, and several questionable calls, Coach Collins engaged in a heated discussion with the umpire. Prior to that, the umpire scolded the Rays staff and would not start the game because he thought only the Twins made the trip.  It was later explained he thought all the kids were on one team because the colors were similar. It is safe to say, the coach was still fuming subsequent to the game.

“The guy is a joke. He sees 25 guys out there and thinks they’re all on the same stinkin’ team? Really? 25 guys on one team? It’s a Little League team, not an army brigade,” Collins said after the game.

The team made an official announcement of its intent to file a letter of complaint with the league over the umpire’s antics. The league’s officiating office refused to comment on the matter at this time.

On a lighter note, the team was introduced to the media before the game. The guys answered questions on topics ranging from bedtimes to cootie shots. Some even revealed nicknames, including “Slash” and “Toothbrush,” yet it is unclear the exact derivation of those names.

The Rays are now 1-0, but the staff is quick to caution the team that it should not get too comfortable. “I told the guys, hit the showers, get yourselves a kid’s meal and get in the race car bed early tonight. Let’s be honest. The Twins are a nice little team but we’ll really be challenged  down the road. And we’ll need a better effort than we saw today,” warned Coach Maselli.

That next challenge comes this Sunday, September 25 at 11:00 a.m. on Randall’s Island when the Rays visit the Tigers, the mighty mighty Tigers.


About The Yorkville Rays Little Leaguers
The Yorkville Rays are a group of 4th and 5th grade kids who compete on Sundays in Manhattan for Little League supremacy.

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