Sword Shines, Experts Praise Rays Draft

NEW YORK – Battling fatigue, shady manuevers from opposing coaches, and Pizza Hut cravings, Yorkville Rays GM Morgan Sword pulled a nest of rabbits out of his 7 3/4 size hat as he found value up and down the draft. While the wins and losses will come on the field, it is safe to declare the Rays clear winners as they emerge from the draft and get set for their upcoming opponent.

Always discliplined, Sword followed his gameplan to perfection, nabbing safe but effective second and third round picks, Piero P. and Gianni P. Widely respected around the league, and long suspected of possessing ESP capabilities, these two will be counted on to form a ruthless pitching and catching combination.

“When we were bouncing names around prior to the draft, for me, it kept coming back to these two guys. They are the bread and butter. The macaroni and cheese. The peas and carrots. The ying and yang. Had to have ’em. Had to…,” explained Coach Shawn Collins during what can only be described as an hour long tribute to the twins through a listing of common pairings.

All in all, the club landed the coveted combination of skill and likeability at each draft position. In the first round, after the Angels coach attempted to cheat and take top pitching prospect David H. before taking his own son rated at the same level, the wiley Rays GM capitalized and took Hume with the following pick.

“We didn’t expect Hume to be there but we also didn’t expect the Angels to try and pull a fast one. In the words of Justin Timberlake, ‘what goes around, comes back around,'” explained GM Sword.

Not all was rosy following the draft for the promising Rays. First, Yorkville Little League Commisioner Arlene V. fined the cash-strapped Rays 10,000 donut holes for live tweeting during the draft, a direct violation of the league’s newly harsh communications policy. To make matters worse, the team has seen the price of sunflower seeds skyrocket following the destruction of Hurricane Irene as sunflower farms everywhere suffered significant damage. The team was forced to purchase peanuts instead.

“Don’t like them. That’s all there is to say about it. Just don’t like ’em. I’m not going to comment further than that,” said a dejected Coach Maselli of the choice to go with peanuts.

The Yorkville Rays will begin their quest for a Little League championship this Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 1:00 p.m against the Twins. The game will be played at Randall’s Island, Field #35. For all your Yorkville Rays insight (including schedules, directions and game coverage), continue to visit the team at it’s website, yorkvillerays.wordpress.com. For round-the-clock coverage, follow the squad on Twitter @YorkvilleRays.


About The Yorkville Rays Little Leaguers
The Yorkville Rays are a group of 4th and 5th grade kids who compete on Sundays in Manhattan for Little League supremacy.

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